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Ask Amy: Irish dancing leads to an uncomfortable jig

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Now, I’m totally confused.

She assured me that in the future she would let me know if she felt threatened.

I don’t understand women, and I’m no kid.

Should I have let all of this go?

– Confused

Dear Confused: People are complicated.


When it comes to physical encroachment from someone larger than they are, most women have an instinct for how to extract themselves, in ways that will avoid further unwanted contact – or an actual assault.

Your girlfriend’s behavior was textbook — and smart. She pulled away and returned to the area where there were more people (also where you were).

People who are subject to unwanted attention/harassment can also – always – go directly to the bar and ask waitstaff to get security.

Your girlfriend did not necessarily return to you in order for you to leap in and “protect” her.


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