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Ask Amy: Irish dancing leads to an uncomfortable jig

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: Last night, my girlfriend and I were in a pub enjoying some Irish music. A man came over and asked if he could “borrow” my girlfriend. I told him that I didn’t own her, and it was up to her.

He proceeded to lead her to the band area (where no one else was dancing).

She didn’t want to dance with him, pulled away from his grip, and came back to where I was standing.

He followed her and got a little too close to us for my liking.

I told him to buzz off. I had to raise my voice and get in his face.

My better half proceeded out the door (we were getting ready to go home, anyway).


Then we had an argument. She told me that I didn’t have to react this way, because she had it under control.

I disagree.

I realize the guy was drinking, but it gets my goat that he didn’t ask any of the many single women there to dance and instead went up to a woman who was obviously with someone.

I apologized to my girlfriend, and within a short time we were passionate with each other!


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