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Ask Amy: Distressed friend needs to ‘Keep Moving’

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I highly recommend poet Maggie Smith’s recent book as a gift for your friend: “Keep Moving: Notes on Loss, Creativity, and Change” (2020, Atria/One Signal Publishers).

Dear Amy: I recently purchased a beautiful vacation cabin with a couple.

I own 50 percent and they own 50 percent. They also have 6-year-old twins.

Before purchasing, we had long conversations about our plans and thoughts about the use of the cabin.

I have been upfront that I wanted to purchase this mostly to USE, but we could rent it out, also.

They said they would be traveling for eight weeks of the summer, and they had no problem that I would be in the cabin during some or most of that time.


I even asked if I should pay more utilities, and they were adamant that this was not necessary.

Now that the sale is final, everything has changed.

Every decision is two (them) against one (me).

They have also “mandated” that our schedule would be rotating month-to-month (I wanted week-to-week), which means there will be at least two months out of the summer season where I wouldn’t be able to use the house at all.


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