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Ask Amy: Veteran responds to ‘thank you for your service’

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For me, nothing brings this era to life like the Smithsonian Transcription Center.

Thank you again for opening this world to me.

– Grateful

Dear Grateful: You and your fellow citizen-transcribers are helping to write the extremely complicated history of this country – from your own homes. (Check to be a part of this important project).

Dear Amy: We recently had a “celebration of life” for my wife while she is still alive. She has terminal brain cancer. It was a fantastic event. I highly recommend it.

Our friends got to talk to my wife and share stories.

We also had a videographer and asked people to make videos for her.

We have looked at these – and photos from the event -- many times.

And finally, I set up a Google share drive so friends who could not attend could post videos or greetings.


As I told people, I don’t want to have a celebration of life where people come up to me and tell me how great my wife was. I know how great she is!

So, tell her in person, now.

– Proud Spouse

Dear Proud: This is lovely.


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