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Ask Amy: Sisters should lay their problems to rest

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Forlorn: You and your sister aren’t speaking, but you have learned about her plans to hold a service for your mother. Perhaps there are ways you’re communicating (through others, or through social media) without actually talking to one another.

Given the way this seems to be playing out, if you don’t go, your sister will continue to reschedule your mother’s funeral until you actually make it there.

Unless you sincerely believe that attending would present an undue health risk to you and/or your husband (check for current COVID updates), you should go. Why? Because it is your mother, and it is time to lay her to rest.

I hope you and your sister could also lay your differences to rest.

According to your own account, you offered your sister no support – physical or emotional – after your mother’s death.

You should ask yourself if there are things you both might have done differently, and then you should promise yourself to do those things differently during your 24 hours home.


Dear Amy: I recently married my amazing wife and was very excited to be joining her family.

I happen to be very close friends with her sister and I also adore her parents.

It has been a wonderful experience getting to know my "new family,” but there's one thing that really irritates me: They have a "family text" chat where all the siblings and parents text one another, with constant updates.

They all live in cities across the U.S., so I understand why this is a helpful tool to stay in touch, but it goes on NON-STOP every day.


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