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Ask Amy: Not-yet-divorced dad wants to put a ring on it

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Some marrying couples do try to color-coordinate the entire event, but the traditional idea is that the bride and groom and their attendants and parents should stand out, and the guests should be the tastefully attired multi-colored confetti in the background.

Tell your in-laws that your sister’s color-scheme is “… top secret. She doesn’t want to color-coordinate with guests. But the bride says she is definitely wearing white.”

Dear Amy: Your answer to “Tired,” the yawning woman with the irate boyfriend, missed an important point. Tired should talk to her doctor and have a sleep study done. It can be done at home and could very possibly show she has sleep apnea.

Her symptoms sound just like mine. Sleep apnea is not only exhausting and inconvenient … it is dangerous.

– Awake


Dear Awake: Great advice. Thank you.


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