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Ask Amy: Adults want to gently nudge niece into the world

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Kristin says, “No, I am staying here with Nonny.”

They tell me they are going to have drinks with friends and be back in 90 minutes or so. They show up three hours later.

They are always planning one-night trips, leaving me with Kristen. They tell me when to expect them and then show up much later than expected.

When I opened my last fortune cookie, it said: “Remain silent – it is best for you.”

I have to live with them 14 more months, until I get Social Security, and then I can afford to move out.

How do I deal with this until then and still keep the peace?


– Feeling Used

Dear Feeling Used: I don’t enjoy disagreeing with the eternal wisdom of fortune cookies, but in this case, you should communicate with these parents and ask them to give you a basic guideline concerning those times they expect you to be “on duty.”

If you don’t do this now, the situation is likely to blow up later.

You should also develop some interests outside their home, in order to enhance your own personal life and adult friendships.


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