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Ask Amy: Generous father plans a blues cruise

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I am a father to four adult children and a stepson. All are married or have long-term partners, except for my youngest.

I have been with my current girlfriend and her two teenagers for over five years.

I decided, when the first vaccine for COVID was nearing approval, to invite all my children and their spouses/partners on a seven-day cruise next year, all expenses paid.

Initially, I thought I would have my unattached youngest daughter share a room with her brother and his girlfriend.

In discussing this with her, she instead asked if she could bring her best friend, and as I was paying for everyone else’s partner, it seemed fair that she could also bring someone.

I told her yes and paid for all the reservations and airfares.


When my girlfriend found out about this arrangement, she was livid, insisting that the best friend (whom we had never met) was not a family member and should pay her own way.

My girlfriend is threatening not to go, nor will she allow her two children to accompany us.

My girlfriend has never gotten along with my youngest very well, but she insists that her issue is entirely about family vs. others.

I am at a loss as how to proceed.


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