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Ask Amy: A father’s memories don’t admit flaws

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Every time she is forced into Millie’s presence, she could tell herself, “Cha-ching – this evening could translate into future business for me.”

In terms of gifts, when Sandra receives an extravagant gift from Millie, she should thank her in writing, saying, “Thank you so much. That was very generous of you, but I do wish you weren’t so extravagant!”

Her own gifts for Millie should be business-building ones: she should “say it — with flowers.”

Dear Amy: My heart broke reading the letter from “Not Meant to be a Mother,” who was grieving the loss of possibilities after having a hysterectomy.

This grief is absolutely understandable. People should never rush in with “solutions” for another person’s grief. What they need is quiet validation and understanding.

– Empathetic


Dear Empathetic: Absolutely. I hope this writer recovers fully.


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