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Ask Amy: Two friends share an awkward movie moment

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

It was awful and painful to witness. I truly was at a loss for what to do.

At the fourth hour, I called the Department of Childrens Services in the state.

Shortly after that, the child was screamed at some more and then brought inside.

I heard nothing else the rest of the day.

I left early the next morning, feeling like I let this poor child down, I have been wracked with guilt ever since. Should I have called the police?

Should I have gone over and said something?


– Guilt-Ridden

Dear Guilt-Ridden: Recently I was walking through the parking lot at the local mall and saw a dog whimpering and crying in a parked car.

I went straight into mall security and reported it. Several other people were standing there, having reported the same thing. The mutual concern for this defenseless animal was impressive.

My point is that we all need to exercise the same level of alarm and concern for children.


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