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Ask Amy: Two friends share an awkward movie moment

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

– Really Confused!

Dear Confused!: “Toby” is leaving the country for the next many months. If there were ever a moment to express your sincere love for someone – this would be it!

And – referring to your cinematic moment: Isn’t this how Harry finally really “met” Sally – by confessing a love for her that went beyond their friendship?

Is Toby expressing romantic love, friendship love, kinship love? It might be all three. Maybe it’s the somewhat grasping utterance of a guy whose ship is about to sail.

Or maybe it’s the moment-of-truth statement from a person who is seeing his own life with some clarity – and wants to be honest with you, before you both start new phases of your lives.

You have the next few months to communicate with Toby about this. He has been honest, and you should be, too.


Dear Amy: Recently, I stayed at an RV park in a suburban area.

The occupants of the house behind my RV have what I believe to be a daycare business.

One day I heard quite a bit of yelling and, "Sit on the porch until I tell you to come in!,” followed by the door slamming.

Then for the next four hours I heard a small boy crying, whimpering and yowling.


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