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Ask Amy: Insecure wife blames herself for insecurity

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BFF in the West

Dear BFF: The outcome here is somewhat dependent on your various temperaments. Is your friend organized and unflappable? Are you and your husband able to tolerate frustration calmly? Does “Terri” have good reviews from other clients?

I think you should use your friend as your agent, with some caveats.

Because she is your friend and knows you very well, she will likely work extremely hard to show you properties and work as your advocate during the process.

If you and your husband agree to use her, you should both be extremely candid in advance. Tell her, “We’d like to use you as our agent, but purchasing a home can be a very stressful experience, and we want to make sure that all of us get through it with the best outcome. We will be very honest with you and want to make sure that the three of us can communicate well in this business-mode, even if we’re frustrated or confused.”

Dear Amy: “Empty Nest” wanted to host international college students for Thanksgiving dinner.

I grew up in a college town, and my parents always did this!


Honestly, I didn’t always love basically giving up my own “seat at the table” for Thanksgiving but looking back I think it was really generous of my folks to feed and host these students who didn’t have anywhere else to go on that day.

– Grateful

Dear Grateful: Sharing with others honors the spirit of that feast day.


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