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Ask Amy: Denying child’s identity is a rejection

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: Recently a very good friend of over 20 years took an overnight road trip with me.

We have been through everything together – his breakups, the death of my husband, travels, you name it.

After this last trip, he refused to return my calls or texts.

Finally, he texted me and said, "I am having a hard time getting over this last trip. I wanted to call you, but I knew I would be too emotional to discuss it. I'm sure you don't remember what you did, but I can't forget."

Amy, I was dumbfounded! I immediately texted him, apologizing for whatever it was, asking him to please let me know what I did to upset him.

I did this numerous times with no response, until he texted back: "Soon, I'll let you know.”


I racked my brain, and even called the hotel we stayed at to ask if there were any complaints about our stay.

At this point I want to text him and say, “You are a lucky, lucky man to have so many close friends that you can afford to toss one away with no explanation.” What do I do?

– Scratching My Head in CA

Dear Scratching: Your pal texted: “I’m sure you don’t remember what you did…”


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