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Ask Amy: Dating apps beget ‘situationship’

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

When the pandemic began, I texted him to check in and make sure he was OK and received nothing back.

I honestly worry about something happening to him before we can at least talk.

It would destroy me if anything happened to him.

I definitely enjoy my life better when they aren't around, and yet I worry and miss them.

I know my brother and sister-in-law still hate me (no surprise there), yet I'm honestly so confused and hurt as to why my father hasn't even tried to contact me in any way.

Should I try again?


– Estranged Daughter

Dear Daughter: Sending one text at the beginning of a global pandemic does not qualify as making an effort to heal a breech that you seem to have initiated.

Losing your mother at a relatively young age must have been truly devastating to you. Surely it was deeply upsetting to witness your father engaging in a new relationship with someone you claim your mother disliked.

However, this is your burden to bear. Your father has the right to find a new partner. It is not your brother or his wife’s fault or responsibility that your father took up with this woman.


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