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Ask Amy: Dating apps beget ‘situationship’

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I’d really like your take on this.

– Curious

Dear Curious: I agree with you that deleting needs to happen. You need to do the deleting and what you need to lose – is him.

Based on what you say about this person, you obviously don’t like, trust, or respect him.

You were feeling good about how you ended things, but if you allow him to draw you back in, you won’t even have that.

Counseling is a great idea, especially for him. If he wants to enter therapy in order to figure out how and why he sabotaged the relationship with you, then let him do so and perhaps at some point in the future, he will be inspired to try to prove to you that he has changed. I hope that by that point, you will have moved on.


Dear Amy: Unfortunately, I became estranged from my family after my mother's death.

My father decided to start dating my brother’s mother-in-law (his wife’s mom), whom my mother hated.

Everything shattered after that.

My father turned 60 this year and I will soon be 33. It's been about five years since I've seen or heard anything from him.


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