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Ask Amy: Caregiving spouse is overwhelmed

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

My brother’s daughter is now planning her wedding in the same location as my daughter’s wedding.

Shelley is very upset, hurt and angry that her cousin is planning to have her wedding at the same location, knowing the details of why her marriage ended.

Shelley is requesting emotional support, alliance, and a listening ear regarding her feelings.

I have provided all of these things but will attend my niece’s wedding.

Shelley will not attend, nor allow my granddaughter to participate in the wedding.

I say it is time for her to accept her past and move on, and to acknowledge that she is blessed to be out of the marriage.


I realize that she is disappointed, but I am tired of hearing that her cousin is selfish and is not caring about her feelings. Her cousin reached out to her to talk about having her wedding at the same location.

I recommended virtual therapy for her because she was so angry, which she is attending.

– Stressed Mom

Dear Stressed: Your daughter does not have the right to try to control her cousin’s choice of wedding venue, but anyone could imagine how hard it might be for your daughter to revisit the scene of her own nuptials, so soon after her own marriage ended.


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