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Ask Amy: Uber dispute becomes uber permanent

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Not as bad as his father, but as the years go by his anger has gotten worse.

He has this chronic "I hate the world" attitude directed toward me.

Everything is my fault. He degrades and belittles me.

We don't have children or pets, so no worries there and, again, we're not married. Am I wrong to leave our relationship?

– Tired

Dear Tired: In the time it took for you to write your question, you could have contacted a friend, a family member (or gone on Craigslist) and found a temporary housing situation to get you out of this household.

I hope you’ll do that.

Dear Amy: “Just Sayin’” claimed that women should defend themselves better against groping and sexual assault.

I also taught my daughter not to take harassment from anyone.

My beautiful daughter is 5'10,” bold, and very intelligent!


And then one day (when she was 19 years old) a co-worker raped her.

He had previously harassed her at work, but she was powerless to push back.

My beautiful daughter found it in her to go to the police and the rapist was convicted.

I am in awe of her bravery. The victim is NOT at fault.

– Mother of a Warrior

Dear Mother: I’m in awe of her, too!


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