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Ask Amy: Uber dispute becomes uber permanent

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I miss Glenda, and I am still great friends with Brenda, but Glenda and I have a longer history.

My own 60th birthday came and went without fanfare and without Glenda.

We have exchanged a few pleasantries over Facebook, and I have even considered bringing her a “peace lily,” but maybe this friendship has run its course.

How should I mend it?

– Double Trouble Friendship

Dear Double Trouble: You know that great moment in the movie “Jaws” where Richard Dreyfuss’ character picks up a pan full of body parts and angrily declares: “This was NOT a boat accident?”


Well, this is NOT about an Uber ride.

“Glenda” did not keep “forgetting” that she happens to share a birthday with her twin, I assure you.

Her extremely selfish response to your plans seems very little about you and all about sharing a birthday with her twin.

Glenda, quite simply, does not want to share.


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