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Ask Amy: Woman should leave abusive relationship

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

That’s a lot. It is also a symptom of abuse.

You’ve asked for an objective opinion about who is at fault.

You don’t cause your boyfriend’s behavior. His behavior is his responsibility.

You also can’t change his behavior. He can, and if he wanted to (or felt it was in his best interest to change), he would!

In my opinion, neither of you seems to love you enough.

You can’t force him to love you more or to love you differently.


You can love and respect yourself more – and one way to do that would be to exit from this unhealthy cycle and unhappy household.

It might help if you asked yourself: “At the end of my life, would I feel proud of and fulfilled by this particular relationship?”

Dear Amy: My younger brother is in the Navy. We have always been very close.

I worry that he is spending his money in ways that are not always in his best interest.


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