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Ask Amy: Trauma survivor worries about a deep dive

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I don't think it's any different than sneezing during a conversation.

What do you think?

– Tired

Dear Tired: I agree with your boyfriend that seeing someone yawn during a conversation is off-putting and seems dismissive and rude in the moment.

However, your boyfriend knows why you do this. He should understand that your yawns are a frequent occurrence and bodily function that you cannot control.

You could probably understand that it might take him some time to adjust to this habit of yours, but he should NOT become irate or lash out at you when this happens.

Dear Amy: Your answer to “Still Destroying my Life” was too subtle!

The woman who wrote this had a toxic mother who was interfering with the way she was raising her own children.


You used plenty of flowery language (“You simply never stop hoping for the day when you can heal all the hurt…”), but you should have told this parent that she needs to protect her children – first, last, and always!

– Upset (With YOU)

Dear Upset: I was empathizing with this adult daughter’s emotional conflict, but the last line of my answer was the most important: “Every decision you should make should be for the benefit of you and your immediate family.”


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