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Ask Amy: Daughter wants needy mom to back off

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I feel bad but my brother had three months to decide — and declined (after he was called).

Should I have paid more money to cover the cost of adding him? Should I have pressed my son to fit him in and add to his stress?

— FOG (father of the groom)

Dear FOG: Last-minute changes are an unfortunate but inevitable part of any planned event.

Your brother announced he would like to attend, but there is also a likelihood that another guest or two wouldn’t be able to make it at the last minute. This is why many couples handle their seating at the very last minute, but hosts can’t be responsible for providing a last-minute hotel room.

The ultimate decision should rest with the couple.

Dear Amy: Thank you for suggesting an online discussion group to “Still Searching and Hoping,” who was looking for help with her crushing grief.


For me, a Facebook group offered constant support and understanding. These virtual supporters were always there for me. I didn’t need to make an appointment, or pay for therapy.

— Grateful

Dear Grateful: Support and understanding from fellow travelers can be extremely helpful, especially when professional therapy is out of reach.


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