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Ask Amy: Friendship falters over bungled gift

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: Over a year ago, I was pregnant with my first child and a friend of mine offered (she offered, I did not ask) to give me some of her maternity clothes that she was finished with.

I gladly accepted and was grateful for her generosity!

My husband and I ended up losing the baby, right at the beginning of the third trimester.

As you can imagine, we were absolutely devastated.

After our loss, this friend called incessantly, and it was too much for me at the time, and I didn’t always answer her calls.

She also said a number of insensitive things, of one which was: “I’m actually kind of jealous of you.”


She has two beautiful children with her husband, I believe she meant that there are still things to enjoy with my husband while we are childless — and that some of that freedom is lost when you have children.

I let that go.

However, a few months ago, she texted me and asked if I would mail her maternity clothes back so that her sister-in-law could use them.

When she gave me the clothes, she said that they were mine to keep, and that I should pay them forward when I was finished with them.


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