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Ask Amy: DNA reveals family secret and resentment

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– Trapped in Treats

Dear Trapped: Even someone who loves you dearly could be trying – even unconsciously – to sabotage you. Your guy doesn’t seem to have resumed his own health kick alongside you, and these tests of willpower might be his way of trying to bring you back to the couch.

I suggest that you counter his implicit invitation with one of your own – and ask him to take a walk with you.

When he brings you treats that you don’t want to eat, you can respond: “I really wish I could eat this, but I can’t.” Place these things very much out of sight.

Some people can manage to have treats standing by in a cupboard – I’ve had to go so far as to store some temptations in a cooler in the trunk of my car.

I hope you and your guy can start cooking and exercising together. Your mutual efforts would mark the “happy relationship, happy health” phase of your time together.

Dear Amy: I’m responding to “Horrible Friend,” who felt they may be enabling a friend’s addiction to painkillers by giving him some of their own.


Not only is Horrible Friend not a physician, but is undoubtedly breaking the law. Most prescribed pain medications are controlled substances, and Friend could be charged with delivery of a controlled substance.

– Lawyer

Dear Lawyer: Thank you!


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