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Ask Amy: A broken couple pretends to be ‘whole’

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

People throw tantrums when they are extremely uncomfortable or freaked out by the truth.

Now that you have endured this challenge, you might say, “I care about you too much to enable you or lie to you but even if you reject my input, I want you to know that I’ll never stop caring.” But do stop interfering.

Dear Amy: I was so disappointed in your response to “Upset Guest,” whose hosts did not offer him as much as a cup of water during his stay. You seemed to blame him for their rudeness!

I believe in hospitality – but then again, I am a Southerner.

– Proud


Dear Proud: Without question, these hosts were extremely inhospitable. I tried to offer suggestions to “Upset Guest” for ways to prepare for this unhappy possibility.


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