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Ask Amy: Bad chemistry leads to awkward visits

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My concern is that now I am writing my will and I am torn between two ideas.

On one hand, I want to just forget the past and leave everything to my girls.

My other thought is that they want nothing to do with me, OK. There are lots of other people who have been good friends and supportive of me who could use a little financial help.

I am thinking of leaving the girls a small 10 percent share each and giving the rest to supporters and charities. What’s appropriate?

— Wondering Dad

Dear Dad: No matter what course you choose, by the time your will is read, it will be too late to revise these relationships. I hope you and your daughters find a way to do so while you’re still here.

I vote for whatever is behind Door Number Two. Leave the bulk of your money to people and organizations you treasure. Acknowledge your daughters, and perhaps leave them with a smaller sum and a statement saying that you sincerely wish you three had found a way to be closer.

Dear Amy: "Don't Ask Me" complained about incessant questions from her husband.

Sounds like she should employ the same tactic used to combat that behavior in toddlers.


When asked a question, you reply with: "What do you think?"

They learn quickly to analyze their thoughts internally rather than seek external answers.

— DB

Dear DB: It’s worth a try.


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