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Ask Amy: Phone’s ‘pocket dial’ rings the wrong number

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My friend “Laura” has seemed distant to me, lately.

She is one from a group of four women who have been friends for a number of years.

When I remarked on Laura's distance to me to another friend from the group, she said, "I know why Laura is behaving this way. Do you want to know more?"

Of course, I did. She then told me that I must have inadvertently "butt-dialed" and called Laura on my cell phone. Laura told our friend that she heard my husband and me making fun of her son.

I was shocked. If someone had mistakenly dialed me, I would never listen to their private conversation!

(Our mutual friend, however, said that she would "totally listen.”)


Most importantly, I would never make fun of Laura’s son: he is mentally challenged.

Why didn't she confront me in front of the other friends, instead of telling them when I wasn't there?

I feel like I've been tried and convicted.

I'm also really angry that she eavesdropped. Should I bring this up to Laura?


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