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Ask Amy: Cancer patient has a mask mandate

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: A bunch of us blood cancer patients, as well as others with compromised immune systems, are starting to find out through blood tests that even though we have been fully vaccinated, we were unable to develop antibodies to COVID.

I dealt with serious side effects from the vaccine, and unfortunately have zero antibodies to the virus.

As depressing as that is (I’ll need to wear a mask pretty much forever, always living in a pre-vaccine world), my bigger concern is how to share this with friends and family who are celebrating and burning their masks.

Most are living by the rule that, "As long as you have been vaccinated, pull up a stool and sit by me.”

Well, Amy, I have been vaccinated, but only I know that it didn't do any good.

How do I handle that? Should I tell people?


I am not feeling sorry for myself. I am merely trying to learn how to live in a world that doesn't get it or want to hear it.

I want to live again. I'm not depressed, even if my immune system is.

Thoughts or words of wisdom would help!

– Looking for Guidance


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