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Ask Amy: Mom would like to be offered a cup of joe

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I'm a married mother of three young adults, and grandmother to three young children.

All of my life I have taken care of people. I raised my children for 10 years alone, while continuing to work full time.

I have a very loving, supportive husband.

We have a home, a cottage, and an investment property, which my husband and I (physically and financially) take care of by ourselves.

Our adult daughter and son-in-law don't take any interest in helping us, even though they live in the investment property, at a very reduced rent, so that they could save money for their own home.

Three years later, they have saved nothing, and don’t work regularly.


They buy whatever they want, but can’t support themselves.

We continue to help with babysitting, and by helping to ease their financial burden.

Last night, while visiting my grandchildren, I brought along some essential items for the household and treats for the kids.

The kids always express gratitude. Their parents never do.


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