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Ask Amy: Reuniting couple need relationship rehash

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My (much older) brother-in-law, “Walter,” is a healthy, attractive, heterosexual man in his early 70s who is comfortable financially, but has never settled down.

He’s had girlfriends throughout his life, but he never found someone he thought was “The One.”

Walt is now realizing and regretting his past emotional insecurities and fear of commitment. He doesn’t want to be alone for the rest of his life.

His most recent girlfriend left him abruptly (without explanation) after a couple of months of dating.

I think it’s because she was looking for a “green card ‘Sugar Daddy,’” and he wasn't proposing fast enough.

He discovered that she was playing the field, looking for a husband. He was pretty devastated.


Next week Walt is going to be in his hometown to see family, and he invited a former lady friend, “Barb,” to lunch with the intention to see if they still have chemistry.

They dated years ago, but he called it off.

He now thinks he was being too narrow-minded. Barb is a lovely person and will be retiring soon. I’m surprised she’s still single.

Mutual friends of his and Barb’s have suggested that she is still interested in him.


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