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Ask Amy: At this school, leadership is paid in pizza

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: My son is a very sweet and kind 12-year-old who likes all of his seventh-grade classmates, but he does not have an outgoing personality.

Last week, the teacher asked all of the students to write the names of their classmates who were “leaders,” and those leaders would be given a pizza party.

After the students turned in their lists, the teacher announced the results.

All of the students in the class made "the cut," except for three students.

My child was devastated at being excluded.

I wonder what kind of message this was sending.


With mental health problems becoming more prevalent, children with low self-esteem could become a victim of this kind of teaching.

At a minimum, children should not be made to feel bad about themselves.

Please print my letter so other teachers will consider their poor



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