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Ask Amy: Recovering addict feels hounded by dreams

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I’m a wife and a mother.

Six years ago, I had an affair. It went on for about three months. At the time, my son was 3 years old and I was an active addict, making so many bad decisions.

My husband found out about all of it and wanted to work through it.

I fully expected him to divorce me and to take our son away because I was not a good mother or wife.

I've been sober for six years now, and I still feel so guilty.

I used to have dreams at least once a week about infidelity, whether it was me or my husband being unfaithful.


After these dreams, I would wake up crying and hyperventilating.

Now the dreams occur every four to six months.

How do I stop this? My husband has forgiven me, and I thought I had forgiven myself but clearly there are still some unresolved feelings on my part.

Do you have any ideas for me?


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