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Ask Amy: Woman seeks romantic renovation

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Say, “Gentlemen, I’m not getting any younger. Let’s plan the trip of my lifetime!

Route 80 is the transcontinental highway going from the NYC area all the way across the United States to San Francisco. Because they’ve offered a trip “anywhere on Highway 80,” you might want to choose the route between two desired destinations, in order to try to lock them into a specific plan (the plan can change later).

I located a fun roundup of things to do and see along the Route 80 corridor on Attractions range from museums, spectacular natural sites, the country’s largest time capsule (Seward, Nebraska), to Lagomarcino's legendary Confectionary in Moline, Illinois. I’ll happily meet you there.

Dear Amy: Your response to “Bored” bothered me. She reported being chastised by her husband, who insists that she must let others talk, uninterrupted, until they stop. Then wait two beats to make sure they’re not just taking a breath.

She says this leads to monologues that can last for 20 minutes or more.

For sure, this woman is an interrupter, and her husband is calling her on it.


– Been There

Dear Been There: Even if she is an interrupter, her husband can offer feedback, but he does not have the right to control her.


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