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Ask Amy: Alcoholic wants support to regain sobriety

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

You should participate in support meetings (, or another support group), and seek the advice of an addiction specialist.

I don’t believe you should frame this as, “I’ve betrayed you,” but more as, “I’ve relapsed, and I want to get sober again. I’m attending meetings and seeking outside help and support, but I hope you will choose to hold my hand and walk with me.”

You might not be hiding your drinking as well as you think. Your husband might be wisely waiting for you to arrive at this choice.

Dear Amy: Four years ago, for our 25th wedding anniversary, I received a beautiful ring with a large diamond.

A dear friend of 30 years noticed right away and was very excited and happy for me.

About a year later, she noticed again and was again very excited, but acted as if she had never seen it before. I chalked it up to it not being something memorable for her (which seemed appropriate to me).


Over the next couple of years, though, her excitement was repeated three more times, and each time she acted as if she had never seen the new ring before.

Her excitement seems genuine – and fresh – each time.

Her father died of Alzheimer’s Disease. My friend is 57 years old and I am concerned that this lapse in memory is an early warning sign.

I haven’t noticed anything else that seems odd about her behavior, but we only see each other every couple of months.


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