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Ask Amy: ‘Lunch Ladies’ serve extra portions of kindness

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

– Former "Lunch Boy"

Dear Former “Lunch Boy”: This is such a moving and well-deserved tribute to some of the lesser-recognized personnel at school – the lunch staff, librarians, bus drivers, band and choral teachers, janitorial staff, administrative assistants, security officers, and student teachers.

I hope that every adult who works in a school environment recognizes the power of eye contact, a smile, and the recognition to a child that: “I see you.”

Thank you so much for this letter. I hope it is printed out and posted in cafeterias everywhere.

Dear Amy: My closest cousin and her husband are habitual shoplifters.

She frequently gives me gifts, but I have a difficult time even thanking her because I know it was an item she did not pay for.


I have seen her at self-check registers where her husband shields her, and she puts two objects instead of one in the shopping bag.

She will buy something and then take the receipt back in the store and then steal the same item, and then return one of them for a refund. She has the receipt in case she gets caught.

She has only been caught once and her name was published in the newspaper, so everyone was aware of this. At that time, she said she forgot to pay for the items she was charged with stealing.

She has done this for 50 years. I think it actually hurts her to have to pay for things.


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