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Ask Amy: Loved one is heartbroken over ex’s profession

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Importantly, go easy on yourself. Self-loathing might kickstart a diet, but self-love opens the pathway to health.

Dear Amy: “Too Controlling?” wanted to bribe his granddaughters not to get tattoos.

Certainly, you are correct that the girls will see bribes as an opportunity to extract more money from Grandpa by being paid NOT to engage in risky behavior.

The better solution is known as the "opposite bribe" in which he "offers" to REDUCE their eventual inheritance for every tattoo that the girls get: Say for each tattoo inked, $10,000 is removed from their inheritance.

Grandpa would probably find his granddaughters losing interest in tattoos very quickly when a financial consequence is attached.

— The Better "Bribe"


Dear Better: Grandpa does not need to police his granddaughter’s skin at all, in my opinion. Therefore, financial coercion would not be necessary.


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