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Ask Amy: Loved one is heartbroken over ex’s profession

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Dear Amy: I ended my engagement to my partner of just over four years right before the pandemic.

Recovering from my heartbreak was made so much worse by the quarantine, but I have moved forward. I’m about to buy a house and am excelling in my career.

Recently, two mutual friends revealed to me that my ex has become a sex worker.

Hearing what he's doing to himself and with his life disturbed me on a level I hadn't anticipated.

During our relationship, he and I talked extensively about our dreams of being husbands and fathers.

When we broke up, I tried remaining friends with him, but every new lie and insult just reopened the wound I was trying to heal in my heart.


This new information has me hurting all over again in a new and sickening way.

I understand that heartbreak isn't something that follows a guaranteed pattern to recovery, but I was shocked at how much this hurt me.

I went home that night and sat up in bed until 5 AM, racked with grief over his decisions — when I knew I shouldn't care.

What advice would you offer to help me come to terms with the fact that he has abandoned his goals and instead seems to be resigning himself to be a product anybody with enough money can procure for a night?


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