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Ask Amy: Recognition days are tough for grieving parents

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– JL

Dear JL: You should bring this up to your office neighbor, immediately. She is new to the building, and likely doesn’t realize how thin the walls are, perhaps because she doesn’t overhear you.

This person might be conducting Zoom sessions (as many therapists are). She needs to know that you are overhearing everything that both parties are saying. At the very least, immediately she should use headphones so you can’t overhear her clients.

Privacy is absolutely vital in a therapeutic setting.

Therapists I have seen over the years go to great lengths to soundproof their individual offices, as well as sometimes using “sound masking” or “white noise” machines in their waiting rooms.

Dear Amy: I appreciated your gracious apology to readers and to Yoko Ono, for a recent reference to her in your column as “breaking up the Beatles.”

You did not offer a lame: “Sorry if you were upset” excuse but owned it fully.


Well done.

– A Fan

Dear Fan: Many readers responded similarly to my apology. It’s a little strange to get credit for essentially messing up – but I am grateful.


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