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Ask Amy: Uninterrupted conversations lead to monologues

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To spitball my own assertions, I’ll try to explain that we boomers were raised by a generation who had stoically survived – and suffered through – a global conflict. Our parents encouraged us to “keep calm and carry on,” “suck it up,” and sometimes demonstrated unhealthy forms of “self-medication” in the form of nightly cocktails.

They also did not discuss what they considered to be “private” feelings with their children, and so their children – my generation – had to more or less figure things out, without a lot of guidance.

Also, mental health treatment has made huge leaps and strides in the last 20 to 30 years, thanks in part to the work and advocacy of boomers. (You’re welcome, by the way…)

I think it is helpful and compassionate for your generation to give your own parents credit for raising you to be in full touch with your own feelings, to take great and good care of yourselves, and to seek mental health help and support when you need it.

I hope you can encourage your parents to do the same.

Dear Amy: I’m responding to the letter from “Upset and Embarrassed,” who experienced ageism and bullying from fellow nurses.

I recently retired from nursing and experienced the same thing. I wish I had done something about it. Instead, I let workplace bullying contribute to my choice to leave the profession I love.


– Retired

Dear Retired: Judging from my responses, nurses don’t seem to respect one another as much as their patients do.


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