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Ask Amy: Mom yearns to share sons’ news with her ex

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Other than wearing bifocals and being a bit overweight, I don't think I look or dress like a blue-haired little old lady.

Folks, this is not OK! I don't have children or grandchildren and would prefer you mind your own business.

For the record, I understand that in many cultures elders are frequently referred to as “aunties,” etc., but I found this particularly condescending and rude.

Your thoughts?

– Not Your Granny

Dear Not Your Granny: First of all, no parent should ever point at, call out, and encourage a child to remark on a stranger’s appearance.


No matter how benign these parents might believe their own behavior to be – unless the stranger is costumed as a Disney character at a theme park, that’s just rude.

I suggest saying to a parent, “Hi, with all due respect, I’m not thrilled to be pointed at and talked about.”

Secondly – and quite beside the point — being mistaken for a “Nana” does not automatically translate into you being seen as a “blue-haired little old lady.”

While I understand your annoyance, on behalf of hot Nanas everywhere, I take exception to your own assumptions and stereotype.


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