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Ask Amy: Grandpa wants to bribe girls not to get ink

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

She raised her two children alone and did a wonderful job with two successful and well-rounded kids who love her.

My girlfriend’s mom lives in another part of the country, so it’s not feasible for her to spend Mother’s Day with her mom.

I asked her and her kids to join me, my brother and our mom for dinner, but she’s not interested.

Ideally, we could all have dinner together, but that’s not likely to happen.

Am I being selfish?

– ML


Dear ML: Using your girlfriend’s logic, you and she live together — and because you can see her any time, why should you make a special effort to see her on Mother’s Day?

In my opinion, any person who selfishly denies her guy’s desire to visit his elderly mother on Mother’s Day and who also refuses an invitation to join her, has her priorities completely backward.

Because you all live in the same town, if you are determined to please your girlfriend, the solution would be for you to split yourself down the middle (as many people do on Mother’s and Father’s Day) and spend time with your girlfriend and her children during the day, and then enjoy your dinner with your brother and mother later.

Dear Amy: I appreciate that you are running so many questions regarding the relationship consequences that can flow from DNA testing.


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