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Ask Amy: Neighbors might be ‘What About Bob-ing’

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

I miss my friend.

– Wondering in Kentucky

Dear Wondering: You wanted to end the friendship, and so you sent this woman a letter, ending the friendship.

And now you want to hear back from her? What, exactly, would you like her to say?

You’ve broken up with her. She seems to have accepted your choice and is respecting your boundary. Now it’s your turn to accept your choice.

You might go back and reread the letter you sent, to see if there was anything in it which should inspire a response from her.

If you have regrets, you should reach out again and see if there is a way to repair this break, or to see if you can achieve the closure that you seem to need.

Dear Amy: I just read the letter from “Bewildered” — the couple who did DNA testing, and both found out that they had half-siblings.


My niece (my only brother’s daughter) and I also did this a couple of years ago and much to our astonishment it came back that WE were half siblings!

As that was not even possible (my sister-in-law didn't even meet my Dad until she was six months pregnant!), I would just like to caution people to not always believe in these test results (although we did have a good laugh about it)!

– No Longer Bewildered

Dear No Longer: Your story cries out for a reference from the movie “Chinatown” – “My sister, my niece, my sister, my niece!”


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