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Ask Amy: Grandparents should lob softball over college choice

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Can you?

– Annoyed non-believer

Dear Annoyed: “Matt’s” wife might be comforted by these prayerful posts.

Without weighing in on the much deeper spiritual issues raised here (the nature of suffering, etc.), here’s a response you might make to a “God is good” post:

“Surgeons: True miracle workers!”

Dear Amy: “Worried” told you that her fiancé talked too much.

I can relate to this! I am a talker.

When I meet new people, their first reaction is that they like how friendly I am.

Six months later, they complain that I talk so much.


Kind of a no-win situation for me.

If Worried can’t put up with this, she definitely shouldn’t marry him. It won’t get better.

– Talker

Dear Talker: If you wanted to adjust your own impulses, you might make some strides with the help of a counselor.


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