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Ask Amy: Two perspectives on addiction and recovery

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Many of us also suffer from severe clinical depression and need help and medication.

In my opinion it is important to accept that we are flawed human beings and make good use of the 10th Step: “Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong, promptly admitted it.”

– Brian

Dear Brian: Congratulations on your recovery, and thank you for your wisdom!

The 10th Step, by the way, applies to all of us.

Dear Amy: I was so offended by your response to “Bewildered,” regarding disclosing DNA test results to siblings.

I do NOT want to know about any possible half-siblings, and have told my siblings that if they choose to have their DNA tested, they need to keep the results to themselves!


– Offended

Dear Offended: I did not advise “Bewildered” to disclose the fact that she had discovered half-siblings. I did suggest that she tell siblings that she’d had DNA testing done and the results were “surprising,” giving them the option of learning more.

You have given your siblings a “heads up,” relieving them of this dilemma. Good for you!


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