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Ask Amy: Reader worries about post-pandemic relating

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Dear Sad: You should not try to force your children to have a relationship with someone who hurt them. Their own instincts in this regard might be better than yours.

Your children are being self-protective, and they should not be urged to override their instincts in order to have a relationship with their abuser.

Your job now should be to support their recovery, providing a stable and safe home environment, and offering them professional help if possible.

As they get older, their attitudes toward their father may change. Their choices regarding their father should always be theirs, not yours.

Dear Amy: Every year, I enjoy reading your “Best Of” columns from 10 years before.

I’m always dying to know what became of the people who wrote to you, whether they followed your advice, and how things turned out.

Can you provide that?



Dear Curious: I’d love to know! My assumption is that often the people who write to me do NOT follow my advice. Remember, however, that this column is intended to guide/entertain/provoke everyone who reads it, not just the individuals who write in.


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