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Ask Amy: Wife wants husband to stop being a nosy parker

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He is otherwise great to deal with and pleasant to talk to.

– Stressed in Sacramento

Dear Stressed: For now, you should mainly deal with this person at a safe distance.

Otherwise, since the worldwide pandemic is not a hoax, you don’t have to prove reality.

He is making an assertion. So, if you choose to engage with his assertion (I don’t know why you would), then you could ask him to prove that the pandemic is a hoax. But like those people who believe that man’s walk on the moon was staged, you should prepare yourself for an endless stream of nonsense, faked “evidence,” and denial.

Dear Amy: A reader recently took you to task for suggesting that you might start a first date with the announcement that you have an “event” later – in case you want to cut things short.

This is not really lying. The “event” can be seen as a meeting – with yourself. I found this to be quite helpful when meeting online matches for the first time. I kept the first meeting short and then would go home and try to clear my head from that first-date excitement and those impulses that sometimes made me ignore obvious red flags.


– Experienced

Dear Experienced: Though tame, I continue to believe that the coffee date is the best and wisest choice for a first date.


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