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Ask Amy: Child-averse couple faces kid kryptonite

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

We are having a very small event with a guest list including immediate family and only a few of our closest friends. We are allowing “plus ones” for all of our single friends.

One of our dear friends has a roommate that we are not fond of.

Is there a way to ask this friend not to invite this particular person?

– Exclusive

Dear Exclusive: Nope. “And guest” means just that.

Some couples only include “plus-ones” if their invited guest is in a serious romantic relationship. But if all single guests at this very small wedding are invited to include a “plus one,” then this single guest should be given that opportunity, too.

Welcome to marriage and family-building where you can’t always control the guest list.

Dear Amy: “Heartbroken Husband” reported that his wife was engaging in “increasingly risky behavior,” including a one-night stand with a stranger.

I could have written that letter.


I thought your answer was good, but I want to add another possibility: This woman might be experiencing the swings of bipolar mood disorder.

Regardless of whether this couple decides to stay together or part, their young children deserve to have two healthy parents. I wish you had urged her to get a mental health screening.

– Been There

Dear Been There: Several readers offered responded similarly. I appreciate the insight and advice.


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