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Ask Amy: New grandmother pushes family’s boundaries

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Dear Back: You don’t have to pursue your ex-husband, because – according to you – you two are already involved, physically and emotionally.

If you are asking me for ideas of how you can break up his marriage, it would be unethical for me to offer them, and unethical for you to try.

I suspect that your ex-husband might not be as involved and committed to you as you may think. Engaging with you in this way may simply be his way of fleeing from his current responsibilities.

Dear Amy: You ran a question from “Desperate Daughter,” who was struggling with her father’s drunken rantings and ravings on Facebook.

I know these posts were offensive, but I agreed with your assessment – that the biggest issue was her dad’s alcohol use. I want to share my own family’s story.

I have a family member who used social media in a similar way – posting offensive and incendiary rantings and ramblings on Facebook.

The unintended consequence of his behavior was that people in his social media circle saw the tenor of his posts, and several reached out to him privately, urging him to take a closer look at his drinking.


Confronted with the truth, he decided to admit his alcoholism. He got help and is currently sober.

– Grateful for Ranting

Dear Grateful: Surely, this was the best imaginable outcome flowing from your dad’s upsetting behavior. I’m happy for you all.


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