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Ask Amy: BFF friendship might have run its course

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

Despite the fact that she tells you that you two are “best friends forever,” she seems to have demoted you.

Regardless of your place in her friendship pecking order, if she wanted to spend time with you – best friend or not -- she would find a way to do that.

Yes, it is probably too late to bring up an incident that happened over a year ago. Bringing this up wouldn’t change anything.

All you need to do now is to believe in your instincts, trust your own feelings, and behave the way YOU want to behave.

This person has earned a demotion in your friendship pecking order. I’d suggest the category of: “Someone I used to be close to.”

Dear Amy: I had a friend for 49 years. We went to college together and have maintained a very sisterly relationship.


Last summer I told her that I couldn't host her and her husband during the time they'd been planning to visit, due to the risk from COVID. They were traveling from a high infection area.

She dropped me like a hot potato. I've sent a few notes, but no response.

She didn't seem to understand that I was uncomfortable having them in our house both for our health and for theirs.

There has been no contact since then. This has made me very unhappy.


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