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Ask Amy: Funeral mix-up creates family break

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

My instincts are to use a very soft voice and politely request for them to respectfully take it down a notch.

I don't want to get into a shouting match or try to change any entrenched beliefs. Your thoughts?

– Hairy Situation

Dear Hairy: Hair salons tend to be hybrid public/private businesses, with independent contractors paying rent from the owner and seating clients in chairs lined up next to one another, in an open environment.

Even though you are there only to see your hair stylist, there is no real expectation of privacy, and so anything said at the next chair is fair game.

Why should you leave the practice, wear earplugs, or keep silent and fume?


Whenever people are loudly declaiming, no matter the topic, you have every right to ask them, “Would you mind taking it down a notch?”

You also have the right to dive in and respectfully disagree, and see where this takes everyone.

Definitely speak to the salon owner about this. The owner should also pass along customer complaints which affect the overall environment in the salon.

Understand that if you leave the practice, the loss will be felt most acutely by your own hairstylist, and the loss of your business will not affect the neighboring stylist at all.


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