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Ask Amy: Funeral mix-up creates family break

Amy Dickinson, Tribune Content Agency on

You should also do some deep personal searching to see if there are additional incidents, episodes, or slings and arrows that might be lurking beneath the surface.

After you do your own personal inventory, you may conclude that your adult child’s current behavior is extreme and disproportionate.

That’s when you should soften. Every time you nudge and push, another brick goes into the wall.

They must work through their own feelings. Punishing you does not help them, but they don’t seem to know that, yet.

Assume that you do not know the half of what your child has been experiencing during this pandemic year (nor do they know or understand the enormity of what you’ve been through).

Make sure they know that you are willing to communicate about this. And then let it lie. Don’t give up on this relationship but do be very patient.


Dear Amy: I have a wonderful hairdresser that I love, but I am considering leaving as her client, due to very loud derision by other stylists and their clients over mask-wearing during a recent visit.

My hairdresser and I were both furious listening to the rampant misinformation they were loudly sharing with one another ("COVID is just a cold; only chronically ill seniors die of it").

I can bite my tongue and fume, wear earplugs, or go elsewhere.

My fear is that complaining to the owner will be futile.


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